Rim Banna døde om morgenen den 24.mars.Kirkelig Kulturverksted lyser fred og kraft over minnet til Palestinas sterke stemme.Rim Banna passed away in the morning of the 24th of March.May she rest in peace and power.

Her er Erik Hillestads siste hilsen til henne, sendt via datteren Baylassan til sykehuset fire dager før hun døde:

Here is Erik Hillestad’s last greeting to her, sent via her daughter Baylassan to the hospital in Nazareth, four days before she died.

Dear Rim,

It was such a blessing for me that I met you more than 15 years ago. On the moment of our first recording of lullabies, you made such a strong impression that I was brought to tears, and I have told this to many people. This tells something about your quality as an artist, a very strong energy and strength that have inspired millions of people through the years.

Through your songs, your voice and all of your entity, you have showed me the depth of the Palestinian people’s fight. This has changed me and shaped my attitude and my strong determination to do whatever I can to support the Palestinian cause.

Through your records and your concerts you have motivated so many Norwegians to take a stand for Palestine, and I am proud that through our collaboration, I have a small share of the reason why Norway is one of the countries that support the BDS campain the most in the world.

We are now about to finish your new album, and it is a visionary, energetic and poetic manifest of resistance that I know will motivate a lot of people in the world to keep on with the fight for justice and against occupation. Your fight and your poems and the way you perform them will be an inspiration for new generations of Palestinians and people from many countries in the world.

Marianne sends her warmest greetings, and so does my staff. Our thoughts and prayers are with you these tough and painful days.

Your true friend


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