Foto: Marianne Lystrup
Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat’s album “Twinklings of Hope”, released by KKV in 2012, has been granted the Independent Music Award in the category “Traditional World”.  

The album was recorded in Tehran in 2011, and released in 2012, supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The record is banned in Iran, and the two Vahdat sisters are prohibited from public performance in their homeland, where the regime that was brought to power by the Islamic revolution in 1979 does not allow female artists to perform solo in the presence of men.

The Independent Music Awards (IMAs) is an international, US-based project which aims to give honor and publicity to quality music from artists who release their albums and songs on independent labels. On of the targets of the awards is to strengthen the variety within commercial music. The award has categories for best album, best video, design and best song within more than 30 styles of music from classical, blues, folk, jazz to pop and rock.

The IMAs wants to contribute to the marketing possibilities and increase the fan bases for artists that normally are being ignored by the mainstream gatekeepers such as the major labels, mass media and the dominant retailer shops.

The criteria for the awards are artistic merits, originality, melody and composition.

The awards were founded in 1999 by the Music Resource Group (MRG), who is behind The Musician’s Atlas and AtlasOnline. The IMAs receives suggestions and nominations from more than 70 countries in all the continents.

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