A new investigation has been filed against artist Ferhat Tunç due to “illegal organization propaganda” and “insulting the President.” Indicating that the investigation handles his Twitter posts within the last year, Tunç has stated, “All posts I’ve made on the arrested MPs and mayors, especially on the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş, have been put in the file as crime evidence.”

Ferhat Tunç, who also previously has testified to the prosecutor’s office under the investigation initiated under the pretext of “insulting the President”, is now subject to a new investigation on charges of ‘making propaganda for a terrorist organization’ and ‘insulting the President’ this time because of social media sharing. İstanbul Büyükçekmece prosecutor’s office made a 50-page inquiry based on files from Twitter, which was sent to Çağlayan Press prosecutor’s office. Tunc, who stated that the inquiry covered the shares he made over his Twitter account in the last year, says:

“It is claimed that I made ‘Propaganda of the terrorist organization’ and ‘Insult to the President’ with these shares. It is not enough to accuse me for insulting the president, and besides there was also an accusing of ‘Propaganda for Terrorist Organization’ in addition to the HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş I think that all kinds of criticism is evaluated within the perspective of propaganda for a Terrorist Organization. I expect they want me in prison like many other artists, journalists and intellectuals in Turkey. In the coming days I will go to the prosecutor’s office.”


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