Here we will share stories and information about our international projects.We believe in the power of music, its ability to enrich and deepen our lives, to help us discover each other across borders and to tenderize and change the world. In these times of rising antagonism in many parts of the world; music and poetry is more important than ever.

Founded in 1974, from the beginning KKV was a Norwegian phenomenon, working only with Norwegian artists. But from the beginning of the 1990’s, KKV started its international activity with artists from Latin America and their meetings with Norwegian artists and musicians. Later on in the same decade we worked in similar ways with artists, musicians, groups and choirs from Russia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya.

But from the end of 2002 when we started our project ”Lullabies from the Axis of Evil”, KKV gave a significantly higher priority to its international projects with wonderful voices and talents from the Middle East: First of all Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat and young female voices from Iran, Rim Banna and others from Palestine, Tania Saleh and chanters and choirs from Lebanon, Dina El Wedidi from Egypt, Ferhat Tunc from Turkey.

The Lullaby project and later ”Songs Across Walls of Separation” (2008), ”Scent of Reunion” (2009) and ”Songs from a Stolen Spring” (2014) also brought us in contact with great singers from the US, UK and several other Western countries.

KKV started the REDZONE festival in 2013 in cooperation with the Cultural Resource Mawred in Egypt, and for many years we have worked with Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Palestine in order to build a studio in Ramallah and a distribution network in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our work in the Middle East is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a long term basis.

In this Facebook profile we will tell you about the journeys, recordings, concerts and events connected to our continuous work with our international projects.

 Welcome to enjoy and share KKV Crossing Borders!

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