featuring Knut Reiersrud

Powerful riffs, breath-taking rhythms, soulful melody lines and virtuoso solos, that’s what the Oslo-based band Soft City is all about.

On 10 June they will be releasing their first single, Let’s Make it Right, from their debut album, “Settle for the moon”, which will be out in August on the KKV label. Contributing on their single is Knut Reiersrud, the great source of inspiration for the band.

The band members found each other due to their shared fascination for the blues and soul genre, and since their start in 2018 they have played at several festivals and club scenes in Norway. After good years in the studio they have a broad original repertoire, and during the Blues Festival at Notodden in 2021 they were named Norsk Bluesunion’s Union Band. 

Proud of this title, Soft City will be touring through 2022 at a number of arenas – such as the Moldejazz Festival, Notodden Blues Festival, Klubbøya, and smaller clubs across Norway.

The band is:

  • Thea Paulsrud – vocals,
  • Ask Vatn Strøm – guitar (Kanaan, the band  which won the Spellemannpris in rock in 2021, ¡BangBang Watergun!),
  • Håvard Ersland – organ (Klossmajor, Håvard Ersland Trio, Fyk),
  • Kim André Tønnesen – bass and
  • Bård Berg – drums (Resa, RebMoe)

The album the single is taken from has been recorded by Audun Haave Reknes at Flerbruket, Hemnes, apart from the vocals, which were recorded by Bård Berg.

  • Knut Reiersrud’s guitar has been recorded by Petter Stubberud Tysland.
  • The album has been mixed by Bård Jønland Berg & Marcus Forsgren (Studio Paradiso)
  • And mastered by Björn Engelmann, Cuttingroom.
  • The album cover is designed by Thea Paulsrud.

Website: https://softcityband.com/

Instagram: @softcitymusic
Facebook: @softcitymusic  

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