The folk music trio VRANG is releasing a new album:

“Bare Folk” [JUST FOLK]

The music from the folk music trio VRANG is delicate and powerful, carefully groomed and feral, with elements from the east, west and north of the globe. It is astounding how a trio with lyre, fiddle, harding fiddle and vocals manages to pull the listener with it to such heights and depths, surprises, idylls and drama with so few and basic instruments.

After the launch of the debut album “SæterSoul” in 2017, VRANG has focused on making new music. On their new album, “Bare Folk”, we meet a more personal version of the trio. Tuva Færden, Maja Gravermoen Toresen and Jon Hjellum Brodal have chosen to write their own lyrics and melodies, welcoming the listener closer into them, with songs that link to a diversity of musical inspirations, from Brazilian rabeca music to rammeslåtter, wild, demonic fiddle music from the Setesdal valley in Norway. 

The title “Bare Folk” is from the poem of the same name by Rebecca Figenschau. This poem deals with complex interpersonal relationships, and several tracks on the album touch on this theme, where the relationships between the musicians themselves and others have been important sources of inspiration. Calling the album “Bare Folk” also alludes to VRANG’S musical roots in folk music.

VRANG is: 

Jon Hjellum Brodal – harding fiddle, fiddle, vocals 

Tuva Færden – harding fiddle, fiddle, lyre, vocals 

Maja Gravermoen Toresen – harding fiddle, five-stringed fiddle, lyre, mandolin, vocals

The group started its journey on an adventure with Bærum Spellemannslag (folk music players) at a herring festival in Siglufjörður, Iceland. The fiddler and icon Hallvard Kvåle brought them together.

After studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music, the three musicians have been active as VRANG and in other groups and collaboration projects. Maja has studied world music in Gothenburg that resulted in the solo performance “Krysning” [Crossing], and has also performed with the Einar Stray Orchestra. Tuva has participated in a number of stage productions as a dancer and musician, and released a record with Knut Reiersrud and Marit Halvorsen. Jon has been active with the Stampestuen band, and has been a musician and composer with various stage productions, including his own concert performance Brodals kulturkræsj [Brodal’s culture crash].

“Bare Folk” was recorded and mixed at Hallibakken Lydstudio by Tor Magne Hallibakken, and released by KKV. The producer, Mattis Kleppen, also contributes with a brilliant performance on the electric bass on the album.




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