Maria Solheims album is a masterpiece and a document which shows a new and exciting collaboration  between Maria and the guitarist and producer Geir Sundstøl.    

On this album Maria Solheim gives you a bouquet of songs that embraces moods ranging from the light to the serious, from caring to longing. The music, alternating between vulnerability and strength, will touch you deeply. Three samples from the album have already been released: “Nordlyse” (Northern Lights), Maria’s contribution to the Norwegian final of the European Song Contest earlier this year, the lightly swaying pop song “The Willow Tree” and the sweet and danceable “Dance around the Living Room”. All three have been well received, leading to great expectations for the album. And of course, Solheim delivers: “The bird has flown” is quite simply a fantastic string of songs. She herself describes the album as a journey through the good and the bad in life:

“I love making music, it’s my way of reflecting and processing my emotions. This record is an intensely honest collection of experiences over the last few years, with all the ups and downs.

The album, produced by Geir Sundstøl and recorded at his “Studio Intim” in Oslo, was mixed at Rainbow Studio by Martin Abrahamsen. On the you album will also hear Julie Falkevik and Monobird, both adding a touch of lightness to Solheim’s melancholy universe.

“I have wanted to work with Geir Sundstøl for a long time. He’s a genuine and open musician. I feel that he has understood my songs, and listened to what I wanted to say. Through him I also found Jo Berger Myhre (double bass) and Erland Dahlen (drums, saw and percussion). All three are fabulous musicians, adding great overtones and undertones to the record project.”

Over the last 20 years Maria Solheim has made her mark as a great singer-songwriter. She has won the Spellemann music award and given innumerable concerts in Norway and abroad, in prisons and castles, schools, pubs, municipal concert halls and institutions. In her words:

“Music is important. It’s a unique way of communicating across social levels, ages and nationalities. Music comforts, motivates and inspires us. I want to make music that others can sit back and listen and relate to.

“The bird has flown” also marks the 20th anniversary as a recording artist for Maria Solheim. This is her seventh album since she made her debut in 2001.


Manager Håkon Vesteraas Skaug, Vidvinkel: tel: 92 34 92 95

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