Terez Sliman is a singer, songwriter and one of Palestine’s most famous artists, she is known as a woman who writes on hope in times of hopelessness, that’s why the beginning of March, two days before International women’s day and the beginning of springs’ smells, would be the perfect timing to spread her vocal words to the world.

Her voice flies from Haifa and the Middeterean across the Middle East and North Africa, and within the last years, she is managing to successfully captivate a much younger audience.

Terez Sliman’s new album “When the Waves” contains 9 songs, most of them composed by Raymond Haddad, and two melodies are written by Terez Sliman.

All of the record’s lyrics are written by Terez with cooperation in two texts with the poet Yasser Khanjar from Occupied Golan Heights, and one song includes a segment from “Path Away Happiness” poem by Asmaa’ Azaizeh.

Raymond, originally from the village of Iqrith and based between Haifa and Berlin, is also bass and modular synthesizer Player, did the programming on the record among two very well known musicians from Norway which contributed in significant ways: Helge Norbakken on drums, Eivind Aarset on guitars.

The music is powerful and dynamic, and the soundscape has a great depth which corresponds with the subtle and enigmatic poetry of Terez in a brilliant way.

Several songs have beautiful, enchanting melodies, the arrangements are mostly very organic, based on improvised musicianship, in others, there are also elements at the borderlands to rap and electronica.

“In your name”, “But we are good”, “A rose”, “Hunger”, “You are”, “Like water”, “When tables will turn”, “When the waves” and “In the name of love”…. are the names of the album’s songs, and each one of these songs is a journey to question, even a bit, about what matters in life, and sometimes we only manage to talk about it in our hidden space, but Terez says it out loud.

The Album was recorded in Oslo except for the vocals in two tracks that were recorded in Nazareth. It is produced by Erik Hillestad with Raymond Haddad as a co-producer.

June 19, 2020, release in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (Indigo and Nuzzcom)

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