“Triptykon” [Triptych] is the title of a three-song EP the popular choir SKRUK is releasing this week.All three are prayers for soothing sweaty souls as each and every one of us can feel that we are exerting our spiritual muscles so hard in our struggle for balance in these most difficult of times. One of the songs has been written by Abba composer Benny Andersson.

In art history “Triptykon” is the name of an altarpiece divided into three sections that are hinged together and can be folded shut. When it is open, it displays a main motif with two sub-motifs, one on each side. The main motif on this digital EP is the well-loved hymn by Matias Orheim “Å, var eg meir deg, Jesus lik” [Oh, that I was more like you, Jesus] in a bold and monumental arrangement by the composer Magnar Åm. On the “left” side – track 1 – we find “Kärlekens Tid” [The Time for Love], an intimate melody by Benny Andersson written to a poem by Ylva Eggehorn, and on the “right” side – track 3 – we can experience Tord Gustavsen’s intense “Kyrie”.

SKRUK, conducted by Per Oddvar “Prots” Hildre, has had these three songs on their repertoire for years, performing them at a countless number of concerts, but they have never been recorded. Many fans have often urged the choir to record these songs so they can be cherished at home. In the autumn of 2019 SKRUK decided to record them, not then realising how well they would fit in with the times we are living in now, with the pandemic and so much political unrest in the world.

The three comforting and passionately sung prayers make up a sacred Kinder Surprise for big children to unwrap and enjoy in one of the strangest Advent seasons in our lifetime.

Released by KKV, the album was recorded in Ullensaker church by Alf Christian Hvidsteen; Erik Hillestad producer.

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