Kamilla Wigestrand sings unfiltered.Fearlessly, she offers us her naked voice, trusting its  power without relying on supporting machinery and well-tested formulas.

Only accompanied by her own piano playing and some delicate synths and voices in the horizon, she weaves her own lyrics about being young, yearning and vulnerable in 2020. In releasing her music, KKV has been strongly moved by her ability to reach out in a simple and touching way.

Now her debut album is making its journey into the world. She has called it “Bare så du vet” [Just so you know]. KKV has long believed in Kamilla’s talent and power of expression.

Kamilla Wigestrand is from Asker close to Oslo. At the age of 23 she has already performed in “The Hit”, where at the age of 16 she reached the final as a songwriter with a song which in 2014 was performed by Helene Bøksle, and in ”Norwegian Idol” , where she competed as an artist in 2018. She is studying web design in Bergen, but most of all she writes songs – both the lyrics and melodies, and is eyeing an artist’s career. Her greatest pleasure is singing for people and letting her music touch their hearts.

In her own words: “Music and writing songs was always how I dealt with things that occurred – a way of helping me to understand or put into words what happened around me and to me. Writing songs has always been my diary. My family moved around many times when I was younger, and then I wrote much about loneliness and not feeling at home or being accepted. It has always helped me to get along, and I have always written about things that have affected me, the good and the bad”.

Her mood can be captured in such words as “will”, “vulnerability” and “unrest”. Kamilla is a songwriter who sails in deep waters through environments with much beauty and solace, but also with this puzzling uncertainty looming under the surface. She writes about belonging, choices, crossroads, friendship and love in a time where unease and uncertainty affect us.

Bjørn Erik Pedersen has recorded and produced the record in Whiteroom Studio in Asker (near Oslo).

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