Knut  Reiersrud has turned to writing new songs about the times we are living in, and he is now releasing a six-track album – songs for "this temporary world" we are experiencing right now.

The album presents five new ballads with new lyrics, two by Reiersrud and two by Jeff Wasserman, and a crazy blues piece with traditional (albeit relevant) lyrics.

He worked with his regular band in the studio, with a two-metre distance between each musician: David Wallumrød on keyboards, Bjørn Holm on guitar, Nikolai Hængsle on bass and Andreas Bye on drums. You will also hear vocals by Reiersrud’s family: Tuva Færden and Marit Halvorsen.

The 1920s was the start of mass production of recorded music. The music recording industry was a symbol of the optimism and cultural flourishing that pervaded the world well into the decade. The twenties a century later would turn out to be far more problematic.

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