“Norwegicana” with English lyrics written in collaboration with the poet Helge Torvund.The Randi Tytingvåg Trio is now releasing their new album entitled “The Light You Need Exists”. Together with Dag Vagle on guitar and Erlend E. Aasland on various string instruments Tytingvåg has created a unique “Norwegicana sound”. While inspired by the Americana music tradition, the trio is also true to its Norwegian roots.

With this soundscape, the album demonstrates a unique way of narrating stories. Randi Tytingvåg, the songwriter, has taken a step up, now addressing us more powerfully than ever before. The collaboration on lyrics with the poet Helge Torvund has resulted in a conceptual whole, and we see new sides of both artists in these songs. Together they have found an important common ground based on their wish that the light shall shine through their work. This is their common holy ground.

On this recording from Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo Randi Tytingvåg has been joined by a dream team of musicians. She is front and centre with her expressive and intimate vocals. Her two regular musical companions, who play guitar (Dag Vagle) and banjo, tenor guitar and mandolin (Erlend E. Aasland), are also eminent chorists. Dag is also her duet partner on one of the songs. Close vocal harmonies and seamless interaction have become the trio’s foremost trademark.

Three additional guest musicians make up the team: Nils Økland (fiddle and Hardanger fiddle), Sigjørn Apeland (harmonium) and Knut Reiersrud (resonator guitar and weissenborn lap steel). On the song “Hovering Green”, which was released as a single this summer, you can also hear Rita Eriksen in a duet with Randi Tytingvåg.

“The Light You Need Exists” is produced by Erik Hillestad.

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