New singel with Kronos Quartet and Marjan Vahdat

Kurdish Song, Kronos Quartet and Marjan Vahdat. Traditional, arr. Sahba Aminikia.

The song is a bonus track recorded during the sessions of the album «Placeless» with Kronos Quartet, Mahsa Vahdat and Marjan Vahdat in Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo, November 2018, produced by Erik Hillestad for Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV) .

KKV releases «Kurdish Song» on November 1 2019 in order to express solidarity with the Kurdish people.

Any proceeds from the sale and distribution will be donated to Doctors Without Borders which does an important humanitarian work in the Middle East.






Kurdish Song:

Alas, there is nobody

Nobody is aware of other people’s pain

Alas in this big city

there is no voice of a companion or beloved

The whirl of your eyes made me crazy

made me crazy, my dear, made me crazy

we live in separation, swear to this seperation

I am about to burn

Sorrow is my guest, because you are far from me

My soul always looks for your entity

The whirl of your eyes made me crazy

made me crazy,my dear, made me crazy

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