This autumn will see the release of the least well-behaved children’s Bible album, the naughtiest ever recorded in Norway.

Sixteen songs give our youngest generations new and unheard approaches to Biblical characters.

The tower of Babel is “the wackiest in wocky wobble town”. In the desert marzipan and sweet pastry are raining from the skies, in the stomach of the blue whale the prophet Jonah finds a scrapheap, and Little Mouse Zacchaeus is bullied because his head is as small as a pea.

Svein Tindberg has written a book with new Bible stories for children (published by Stenersen forlag). Playfully rearranging the original text he has let his imagination run rampant with what might be read between the lines in the stories of Moses, Noah, David and Goliath, Jesus and other characters in the Bible. He has also written lyrics to melodies composed by his son Peter Tindberg. These songs have now been released on an album featuring Mimmi Tamba and Frank Kjosaas as soloists.

Geir Sundstøl (guitars and harmonica), Erland Dahlen (drums and percussion) and Kjetil Bjerkestrand (keyboards) create a lush musical landscape around the two singers. Bjerkestrand’s arrangements also feature bassoon, double bassoon and clarinet.

The result is highly appealing to both children and adults. Tamba and Kjosaas give enthusiastic interpretations of the characters.

The album, recorded in Maridalen church, has been mixed by Martin Abrahamsen with Erik Hillestad as the producer.

Released on November 9th.

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