Songs for the celebration of All Saints Day.Oslo Cathedral Choir has invited the pianist Tord Gustavsen to collaborate on a recording.The result is an ethereal album featuring familiar hymns about the longing for heaven, consolation, peace and reconciliation.Kåre Nordstoga is a natural participant as the cathedral organist in the choir's own cathedral.

The album includes songs such as “Velt alle dine veie” [Roll all your ways], “Den store hvite flokk å se” [The great white host we see], “Å for djup i Jesu kjærleik” [Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus] and “Eg veit i himmerik ei borg” [I know a castle in heaven]. The musical synergy between Kåre Nordstoga and Tord Gustavsen, both accompanying the choir and commenting on the choir’s performances, intensifies the impression that this is a unique recording. These two keyboard masters also deliver a number of new and fresh arrangements for this project.

This is the first recording made by Oslo Cathedral Choir after Vivianne Sydnes took over as the conductor. The recording was made by Alf Christian Hvidsteen. Erik Hillestad is the producer.

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