Marjan Vahdat from Iran has got a powerful voice.Together with her sister Mahsa she has conquered the world for Persian singing. On her second solo album, she has started a cooperation with an international ensemble.

Here four eminent musicians take part, each of them from four different countries. From Palestine: Ahmad Al Khatib on oud, from Turkey: Ertan Tekin on duduk, from Norway: Gjermund Silset on bass and from Iran: Ali Rahimi on percussion.

Marjan is prevented from performing on stages in her homeland, because since the revolution in 1979 it has been forbidden for female singers to perform for men in Iran. This has forced both Marjan and her sister Mahsa to make their career internationally. Then it helps a lot to have an exceptional voice which defies borders of both language and culture. Marjan has made a remarkable impression on stages in many European countries, in the US, Australia, North Africa and in several countries in the Middle East outside of Iran. Of course, even people from Iran know her voice and can get access to it through the internet.

Every track is sparkling on this production, and the musicians create an energetic oriental soundscape around the mighty voice of Marjan. The project gives new interpretations to classical poems from the Persian folk tradition and from some contemporary poets like Forough Farrokhzad and Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari. The poems are about love and hope, and the title of the album, ”Serene Hope” indicates that hope is still alive against all odds.

The recording happened in Maridalen church in Oslo, with Martin Abrahamsen controlling the sound and with Mahsa Vahdat and Erik Hillestad being the producers.


24-29.april: Workshops med Nordic Voices in Oslo

2-15.mai: Concerts with Teatr Zar in Polen

15-24.mai: Concerts in France with Mahsa Vahdat

27.mai: Concert “Vårsøgdagene” in Surnadal, Norway

31.mai: Contributs together with Mahsa Vahdat in the openingconsert ”In other words”on Corn/PEN’s Freedom of expression conference, Lillehammer, Norway

1-12 juni Concerts with Teatr Zar in Polen

17.juni: Concert in Piteå, Sweeden with Mahsa Vahdat

9-11 juli: Concerts with Teatr Zar in Polen

12-14 juli: Concerts with Teatr Zar in Polen in Greece

20.sept: Concert at Josefine Visescene, Oslo with Mahsa Vahdat

25-28.sept: Conserts in Konya, Turkey with Mahsa Vahdat and Coskun Karademir

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