New melodious and inclusive mass – created in gratitude to the diversity of religions. “Messe under regnbuen” (Mass under the Rainbow), with lyrics by Erik Hillestad and music by Øyvind Kristiansen, has now been released on CD and in digital formats. Each of the major world religions is reflected through prayers of thanks in this mass. “In a time where conflicts between the religions are being cultivated and emphasised it is an act of love to celebrate this mass,” the writers state.

With its new texts and melodies, “Messe under regnbuen” builds on the traditional mass structure, using the rainbow as a symbol of peace and diversity. The writers point out that they want to highlight the contribution of other religions in awakening the image of God in each individual and their contribution to humanity, peace and co-existence in respect of differences.

The music is acoustic, warm, meditative and melodious. Artists on the recording include the soloists Marian Lisland, Marthe Wang, Thea Emilie Haaland Wang and Jonas Kilmork Vemøy together with a number of singers. They are accompanied by a band consisting of the composer Øyvind Kristiansen on keyboards, Jonas Kilmork Vemøy on trumpet, Andreas Haga on bass and Ole Andreas Olafsrud on drums. Liturgists are Ketil Rosnes and Inger Anne Naterstad. The text of this approximately 50-minute mass is read by the actor Tor Ivar Hagen.

Five so called “Jacob Masses” have been created in Kulturkirken Jakob (Jakob Culture Church) since 2000. They all have texts by Erik Hillestad, where the first four have melodies by Karoline Krüger and arrangements by Øyvind Kristiansen. In collaboration with the student chaplains in Oslo and Kulturkirken Jakob, these have been celebrated by alternating them each Sunday from September to April every year with an ensemble of musicians and singers led by Marian Lisland and Øyvind Kristiansen. The focus has been on letting the words, music, lighting, audio, direction and atmosphere form a totality. The sheet music for the masses is published by Cantando Musikkforlag while KKV has released the CDs.

For “Messe Under Regnbuen”, the fifth in the series, now released on CD, Øyvind Kristiansen is both the composer and arranger.

The album, released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted, was recorded in Kulturkirken Jakob and Bygdøy Church in the spring and summer of 2017 by Martin Abrahamsen with Erik Hillestad as the producer. The release has been supported by the Fund for Performing Artists.

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