A strong spirituality from distant centuries, borne by stories, poems, melodies and images, comes alive in this project that is uniting the poets Rumi and Yunus Emre and the Norwegian visual artist Emanuel Vigeland. Two singers, Mahsa Vahdat from Iran and Coşkun Karademir from Turkey, channel this encounter between these three artists when they allow cascades of words and tones to reverberate around the walls of Vigeland's magnificent mausoleum in Vinderen in Oslo, where the echoes last more than 14 seconds.

In addition to the vocalists Mahsa Vahdat and Coşkun Karademir we meet Özer Özel and Omer Arslan, both from Turkey, the first on the tambour the latter on percussion, in addition to the Iranian Mahdi Teimori who plays ney flute. Coşkun also plays the kopuz and baghlama string instruments.

The album, recorded by Martin Abrahamsen, has been produced by Erik Hillestad and is released by KKV.

Turkey and Iran are aesthetically and culturally connected. Their being neighbours and trading partners with common travel routes for many centuries is reflected in the tonalities, metaphors and poetic references that correspond between the meditative songs on this album.

Persian and Anatolian poetry and music have embraced each other since the days when mystics wandered the region, when no language barriers or other boundaries could impede the free flight of ideas across the mountains, valleys and plains.

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