Out of the Mist.Ten young and talented Iranian women are releasing an album they have called "Songs in the mist".The album features traditional Persian classical poetry and folk songs from minorities in Iran, and these women have travelled a long way to Oslo to record it.

In their homeland it is prohibited for women to sing solo. This means that they have no access to a stage, and their talents remain invisible. To be seen and heard by an audience, KKV is releasing their music, just as the company has done for other female Iranian artists earlier.

The ten women are: Ooldouz Pouri, Sara Parvaresh, Nelia Safai, Maryam Lamei, Sahar Mansourzadeh, Parand, Mahsa Azizmi, Yasaman, Afarin Nazari, Golnush Salehi and Firoozeh Rais Dana.

In addition to Persian instruments such as the kamancheh, khanoon, tar and baghlama, which they play themselves, they are accompanied by two Norwegian musicians: Rune Arnesen on drums and percussion and Gjermund Silset on double bass.

The project is part of a long-term project the KKV is a part of in cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The intention is to give women a voice and visibility on the music stage.

The album is produced by Erik Hillestad.

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