Language is the last shelter of communities in the face of extinction. People exiled from time, keep in their language the stories that have been dismissed by history. “DERSIM Kirmanciye Laments” collected in this album carries the last cries of the land of Kirmanciya Beleke (Alach-Elvan-Kirmanciye) which is also remembered as Dervish Land (Admission Land). It expresses the last cries of its dispersed people, the last laments resounding under the skies. Most of the laments in the album attempt to express the anonymous feelings during the 1938 slaughter, also called the Great Tertele (Genocide). The laments were published in Kurdish and English keep their secrets in their original language. They say that the mystery of a language is kept in the words that cannot be translated into other languages. If so, it is not the sound, but the ear that gives meaning to words. – Ferhat Tunç.

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