Commemeorating Rim Banna one year after her death on the 24th of March, KKV releases R.I.M.I.X.The project consists of 7 remixes of Rim Banna songs, by the four artists Checkpoint 303, Minstry of Dub-Key, Nour and Nasser Halahlih.

KKV and the participating artists do this in gratitude, respect and honor of Rim Banna, her music and her contribution to the Palistinian people’s fight for freedom and justice.

The release of R.I.M.I.X is organized by Checkpoint 303 in cooperation with Rim Banna’s record label Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV).

The tracks are picked from Rim Banna’s albums; Lullabies from the Axis of Evil, Mirrors of my Soul, Seasons of Violet, Revelation of Ecstacy and Rebellion and Voice of Resistance, except track 7, which is a never released performance by Rim Banna of a part of the International Anthem.

Rim Banna meant a lot to many artists and millions of listeners in the world, and for KKV she became an important artist and collaborator through 15 years.

In one of the last poems she recorded, she declares that «my songs will be sung in the public squares», and this release is one of the many proofs that her profecy was right.


The releases Rim Banna did in cooperation with KKV are:

Lullabies from the Axis of Evil (2 tracks – 2004)

Krybberom (with the Norwegian choir SKRUK-2003)

Mirrors of My Soul (2005)

Seasons of Violet (2007)

Songs Across Walls of Separation (2 tracks – 2008)

April Blossom (2009)

A Time to Cry (4 tracks- 2010)

Revelation of Ecstacy and Rebellion (2013)

Songs From a Stolen Spring (1 track – 2014)

Jul på orkesterplass (3 tracks – 2015)

Voice of Resistance (2018)

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