Hope is a star – Threatened instruments Today these four instruments: oboe, bassoon, harp and organ are “threatened species” because the recruitment of musicians to play them appears to be failing in Norway.As an ensemble they are a perfect mix of expressive and powerful soloes and accompanying depth and tempo.

The oboe is one of the most important instruments carrying the melody in a symphonic orchestra.

The bassoon is the head of the woodwind family, a characteristic colour in the orchestra, familiar and recognizable in Dovregubbens Hall (In the Hall of the Mountain King), Peter and the Wolf and Torbjørn Egner’s music in his tales for children.

The harp is one of the oldest instruments in the world, with a history stretching far back into the world of myths, where David’s soft tones soothe King Saul.

The organ is called “the queen of the instruments”, prominently visible and audible in churches and cathedrals across the world.

Four musicians have joined forces to demonstrate the expressive beauty of these instruments, both on their own and together. They present a newly arranged repertoire for this quartet of the most threatened instruments in the music world, to the enjoyment of us all, to inspire budding musicians and to show us what is at stake.

The musicians are: bassoon – Ådne Stålsett; oboe – Sigurd Greve; harp – Uno Alexander Vesje; and church organ, the arranger himself, Henning Sommerro.

KKV challenged Henning Sommerro to arrange folk songs and hymns, and has challenged the musicians to compose some of the music themselves. The repertoire therefore features “Som Maria lær at lytte” [Like Mary learn to listen] (folk song from Sunnmøre), “Kom regn fra det høye” [Come rain from on high] (folk song from Tingvoll), “Den lyse dag forgangen er” [The bright day has passed] (folk song from Bremnsnes), all arranged by Sommerro, and Bønn [Prayer] and Preludium nr 2 [Prelude no. 2] by Uno Alexander Vesje.

Recorded in Lovisenberg Church, Oslo. Sound technician: Martin Abrahamsen and producer: Erik Hillestad.

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