A new folk music trio – VRANG – makes its debut with a versatile album.The music is both tender and powerful, well-groomed and untamed with elements from the eastern, western and northern corners of the world.

It is astonishing how a trio playing lyre, fiddle, mandolin, with percussion and vocals, manages to transport the listener to new heights and depths, with surprises, idylls and drama, using these most rustic of instruments.

VRANG [the name means something like inside out, stubborn or contrary] consists of Jon Hjellum Brodal – Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, vocals, Tuva Færden – Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, lyre, vocals and Maja Gravermoen Toresen – Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, lyre, mandolin, vocals. Anders Löfberg on cello and Jens Linell on percussion join the trio on this album. The producer is Tellef Kvifte.

“More than 10 years ago, Bærum Spellemannslag (Hardanger Fiddle Music Association) went on an adventure to the Icelandic herring festival in the town of Siglufjörður. This was where our musical journey began. The driving force and then mentor of Bærum Spellemannslag, Hallvard Kvåle, suggested that we give a musical performance during one of the concerts. We hit it off musically, and VRANG was born. Since then it has been an exciting musical journey for all three of us. This album is the result of many years of musical exploration, where we have forged our musical expression into a whole that we are very satisfied with. We look forward to sharing this with you.”

VRANG finds its impulses in the folk music tradition in Norway and abroad. The musical material ranges from traditional folk tunes to their own compositions. With the Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, voice, lyre and mandolin, the many impulses are braided together into creative and exciting music. Their sound is characterised by catchy and varied folk music rhythms, melodies and intensity. The music is the result of intense ensemble playing with improvisation, communication and the simple joy of playing music in focus. The trio expresses emotions and moods that dig right into the core of the listener. VRANG uses time. Each individual note is of great importance, and individual personal expression and aesthetic ideals are important contributors to the whole.

VRANG is three folk musicians from the Oslo area. They all have a Bachelor’s degree in performing folk music from the Norwegian Academy of Music. They also have schooling from studies of dance, theatre and philosophy, which at times is woven into their musical expression.

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