Andreas Utnem is releasing music for reflection on his new album.He is a pianist and composer, and presents 17 piano improvisations on well-known hymn melodies.All have been recorded on the two-year old Steingraeber grand piano in Tøyenkirka (Tøyen Church) in Oslo where Utnem for many years has been the house pianist.

The Wednesday evening divine services in Tøyen Church always end with a musical meditation improvised or composed by Andreas Utnem. The new album presents 17 of these meditations. The music is therefore imaginative and charged with emotions that arise in a warm moment of togetherness before it fades out as everyone prepares to return to their everyday lives. A number of well-known hymns are the basis for Utnem’s improvisations, which at times may be so free that the original is heard more through association than through direct reference. Some compositions are also completely Andreas Utnem’s own.

The album is produced by Trygve Seim and Erik Hillestad.

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