An album about all that is beautiful between life and death. Anybody with a trace of Weltschmerz, or world-weariness, in their bones will find deep comfort in Bjørn Anders Hermundstad's songs. The impulse to maximize the importance of the simple and great joys of life will come more easily after his music has entered your house and your heart.

Bjørn Anders Hermundstad, known as one half of the music and comedy duo “Trøste & Bære”, passed away on Ascension Day this year, but he managed to record his second solo album before his health failed. The album will be released by KKV on 9 September. His songs have a definite tongue in cheek feel to them, but the record is very different from the crazy humour and gags of “Trøste og Bære”. The title of the album “Syng min sorg og gråt min glede”/”Sing my sorrow and cry my joy” tells us that many of the songs deal with life wisdom and farewell, sorrow and gratitude. But several also suggest that they were written before Bjørn Anders was diagnosed with cancer.

A long list of musician and artist colleagues have contributed on the album, playing and providing back-up vocals to honour their good friend, and this gives a rich and melodious tone, bordering somewhere between pop and folk music, that spreads warmth and compassion. The album is also a memorial portrait of a skilled songwriter. Bjørn Anders’ vocal interpretations have gained an extra dimension because many of the songs were recorded in the shadow of impend­ing death, a shadow that imbues all life with stronger colours and greater significance.

Close to 30 musicians have contributed to the album. Among them you will hear Tom Rønningsveen (keyboards, piano and accordion), Jon Anders Narum and Svein Dag Hauge (guitars), Ellen Brekken (bass), Martin Hystad (drums), Hege Rimestad (fiddles), Lewi Bergrud (guest soloist on one track), Kari Iveland, Elisabeth Moberg and Håkon Gravdal (back-up vocals).

The album, released by KKV, was mixed and produced by Per Sveinsson in collaboration with Jostein Borgmo and Trond Amlie, colleagues from “Trøste & Bære”.

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