On her new album “Forvandling” (Tranformation), Solfrid Molland takes a poetic look into change and transformation.

New songs about transformation, the big picture and our dependence on nature are presented by Solfrid Molland on her new album. Her voice and piano playing give her an intense presence, and she shares a unique poetic nerve with us. The album also features Paal Flaata from Midnight Choir as guest vocalist, with Mats Eilertsen on double bass, Hayden Powell on trumpet, Torbjørn Økland on guitar and Nils Økland on fiddle. With this band behind her, Molland is ready for her album launch and an autumn tour.

Solfrid Molland, singer, pianist and composer, grew up with Russian folk music, Gypsy music and Western classical music. Influences from this musical universe are heard at her concerts and in her compositions. Travelling as a busker in Europe, she learnt Gypsy songs from Romany musicians and wrote music inspired by the cathedrals she visited. This music was released on two albums by KKV: Katedral for Tapte Drømmer/Cathedral for lost dreams (2011) and

Musikken er mitt Fedreland/Music is my fatherland (2014). In 2015 she was awarded Oslo City’s Artist Prize for her work on these albums.

About the music
Molland has written all the music on her coming album Forvandling/ Transformation (2016). As composer and performer, she has developed her own special tonal language in the crossroads between Norwegian folk song tradition, East European folk music and Western classical music. The gifted Norwegian musicians she has invited to play with her have also put their stamp on the album.

The new album has nine songs and three instrumentals all built around Solfrid’s voice and piano. The lyrics are by Ingvar Hovland, Inger Hagerup and Beate Myrvold. She has also used reinterpreta­tions of texts by three East European lyricists who lived in the early 1900s. The musical and lyrical theme of the album is trans­formation, and it is imbued with a holistic view of life and the world, where humans, animals and nature are mutually dependent on each other.

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